Sunday, August 10, 2008

>“Maskot” and my ex-boss

Last month I watched “Maskot”, a comedy movie. It was very funny movie which express romantic love story and family value. It made me smiling and laughing to refresh my mind from some problems in my life at this moment.

Here’s its synopsis.

A tale of family values, traditions, trust, wealth, self – worth, and love that is sometimes difficult to express. The story begins with the grandfather, Sasmita who has instilled all his faith into one chicken, after the loss of his entire chicken farm. Sasmita believes this lucky chicken has brought him good fortune as he opened a new business, selling soy sauce, which flourished over the next several years and became one of the largest

company known as Ketjap Tjap Ajam Medja.

One day, during a ceremony to hand over ownership of the company to his only son, Widjaja (El Manik), Sasmita’s playful young grandson, Dennis (Ariyo Wahab), caused an accident which ruined one of the factory’s machines and eventually led to the destruction of all of the other production machines. Witnessing the destruction of the factory which he has build over the years made him suffer a heart attack immediately. As he takes his final breath, Sasmita’s last words to Widjaja was to protect the lineage of the lucky chicken and keep the family fortune in tact.

Dissappointed in his only son for bringing such trouble to the family, Widjaja decides to punish him by sending him to a different country to further his education, in hope of Dennis returning home as a responsible and disciplined adult. A few years have passed, and Widjaja is able to rebuild the company and restore the family business under the same name jus as it was before, basing his newfound luck on the new “sacred” chicken mascot. However, disaster struck once again and brought the symbol of the lucky chicken to an end, causing Widjaja to fall ill. This is when he decides to relinquish ownership of the family business to his now mature son, Dennis. Apparently, handing over the company to his son was not as easy as Widjaja expected.

The Board of Directors of the company and its Vice – President, Misran (Butet Kertaredjasa), highly doubte the capabilities and qualifications of the young successor. Obviously, the uncertainty of Misran was clouded by his jealousy of Dennis, who has not been involved in the family business throughout most of his life. Widjaja also believed that the future of his business relied heavily on the luck that was brought to them by the symbol of the chicken. Therefore, he asks Dennis to leave in search of a new mascot chicken, in order to continue the family fortune. If he is able to achieve this, he will have earned a place in the family business, proving worthy as a deserved successor. The Board of Directors and Misran disapprove of this controversial condition.

Dennis decides to begin his journey in finding of the new family mascot, hoping there is still time to prove his self – worth to his father and the company. As he embarks on his journey, Misran generously offers to assist and accompany him. However, behind his generosity lies a hidden motive to make sure Dennis does not succeed in his mission.

The journey brings them to a small village, where Dennis believes reside the chicken he is in search for. He believes this even more so when he meets a beautiful, mature village girl by the name of Maruti (Ulie Auliani), whose open – minded thirst of life catches his attention, though it seems there is more to her than meets the eye. As their attraction grows, a local man named Sapari (Epy Kusnandar) becomes agitated after having discovered he also has feelings for Maruti.

Although having to face many obstacles from Sapari and Misran in his difficult journey to find the mascot, Dennis also discovers there is more to himself, and his one true love.

In the end of the movie, running text showed and informed all of actors, scripwritter, director, producer, and executive producer. But, I was shocked when I knew who was the executive producer: Andre Djokosoetono! I know this man. I didn’t believe with my eyes at this moment. “How can he involve in the movie project? Does he expanse his business?” I asked to myself. Andre Djokosoetono was my boss at a company I had worked before.

I had worked as Management Trainee at the biggest land transportation in Jakarta, Blue Bird Group (BBG), almost two years ago. I had been placed in head office at Mampang Prapatan Street, South Jakarta. His room was only five metres from my room. He could watching me any time from his room because the hall which apart us made from glass. Someday I got wrong number. I would like to call security number on 112 but I pressed 102. “Good afternoon. Please call Pak Soleh. Pak Sigit (one of board commissary) is waiting him,” I asked. Fifteen minutes later, Pak Sigit called me again. He asked me whether I had called Pak Soleh. And then I dialed 102. “Good afternoon. Please call Pak Soleh because Pak Sigit has been waiting him for more than fifteen minutes. Ok?” I asked. “Do you know with whom you speak right now?” somebody replyed. I think I knew his voice. Oh, no! I looked back and I found Mr. Andre was watching me and he still hold a phone in his hand. Damn! I think he was angry. But, all of my friends in our room laughed loudly. They thank that was a very funny stuff ever happened in that room. Hahaha…….I was very stupid, till now I guess.

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